Our Story

The Beginning!

In 2003, a team of enthusiasts came together to make bulk text the next big thing in enterprise communication. We were an instant hit, employing more than 1500 employees, and setting up multiple offices all over India and GCC. Before we knew it, our servers were sending close to 8,00,00,000 SMS every day. And, that’s when things really changed

Starts 160by2.com
160by2 is Acquired

The Evolution!

We enjoyed immediate success with SMS, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Once we peaked, a combination of obstacles and situations set us back. But, we were determined to get back on top. And, we decided to go the multi-product way, leveraging our own APIs to develop an array of easy enterprise communication products. This assimilation of varied products was the start of the next stage of our evolution.

Sells Q-Tickets
grptalk launched
grptalk V2 & Press3 launched

The Rebrand!

With thousands of organizations using our communication products, we realized that the name SMSCountry limited the way customers understood us, and did not highlight our expertise in other areas. We knew that the time was right to choose a name that would reflect our know-how as a unified provider of communication solutions. And, that’s when we decided to rebrand ourselves to Telebu.

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