TelebuBlocks is an integrated communications API platform, where developers or enterprises can buy custom-built API “blocks” & SDKs and build their solutions.

Blocks lets you easily integrate the power of SMS, Voice, Video, and Chat directly into your applications!

Our Platform



Enable real-time SMS communication from your applications to build brand awareness


Integrate Voice into your applications to conference call or broadcast voice messages


Integrate rich-media & video in your applications to improve customer experience


Use the Chat API to engage users, share information and improve client retention

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The TelebuBlocks Advantage

We ensure the best cross-platform support, higher application security, and easy integration options.

Pay As You Go

Buy blocks of code and easily build your applications step by step

Easy Integration

Equip your applications with the power of our APIs in a few steps

Multi-Platform Support

Our APIs function on any computer architecture or operating system

Application Security

For a secured communication channel between the API and your application

Why Telebu

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for ready-to-use enterprise communication applications, or a developer looking for tested and proven communication APIs and SDKs, Telebu has got you covered.