grptalk is a mobile and web-based audio conferencing app that lets you connect 3-10,000+ people in 30 seconds. grptalk enables ‘instant conferencing’ and gives you complete control and visibility of the conference call.

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grptalk Solutions

Instant Audio Conferencing Services For Everyone

Dial-In The Traditional way

We get it. You’re a traditionalist, or you just need a dial-in audio conferencing solution due to regulations. But, starting calls on time can become difficult. And, unauthorized people can easily get on your calls using the shared Bridge number and a PIN. It’s why we offer dial-out too.

Dial-Out When You Need To

The modern style of conferencing. With a dial-out audio conferencing solution, your concalls are up and running in under 30 seconds. There’s no need to share bridge numbers and PINs and since everyone in your group gets an incoming call, you know who joins and when.

Why grptalk?

Dial-Out Calls

Improves on-call security and reduces joining time delays

Crystal Clear Audio

Ensuring you can concentrate on what matters to your business

Dynamic Web Interface

Lets hosts visualize the entire conference call on one screen

No Internet

Participants don't need internet or the app to join calls

Host Large Conferences

With grptalk web, connect to 500+ participants on one call

Complete Call Visibility

Add, Edit or Mute participants with full member visibility

Auto Call Scheduling

Schedule your call, and get a call as the conference begins

Intuitive Console

Provides analytics for every minute of the audio conference

How it Works

Create Groups

Name your group & add contacts to it

Schedule Call

Start/schedule conference calls instantly

Join Call

Just answer the incoming call to conference

Make Every
Conference Call Count!

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